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Originally from Syracuse, Sicily, and having lived in Gorgonzola and grown up in Viterbo, I am approaching my half-century of life, asymptotically and unknowingly, while cultivating the numerous passions that make my life adventurous and stimulating every day.

Luca Amore

Since the early years of elementary school, my great passion has been computing (in a very broad sense), which, in addition to giving me the opportunity and privilege of collaborating with countless extraordinary people, led me to a degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Catania and to Milan where I first worked in telecommunications before moving into the banking sector.

In my work, always in collaboration with very cohesive teams, I face numerous daily challenges required for the evolution, maintenance, and delivery of high-complexity critical IT services where compromises in terms of quality, scalability, and resilience are not allowed. To ensure all this, in every project I’m involved in, I have the pleasure of synergistically interacting and cooperating with many figures, both technical and business-related. Facing new challenges every day allows me to constantly challenge myself and satisfy my desire for ongoing personal and professional growth.

In the town of Gorgonzola, I am part of the Gosub 42 group, also known as “computer parents.” Together, we enjoy organizing events dedicated to computing, artificial intelligence, coding, robotics, electronics. We are also planning computer science symposiums open to everyone at the makerspace located in the heart of our town’s public library.

An event dedicated to coding organized by the Gosub 42 group
artificial intelligence event

I love studying operating systems (mainly GNU/Linux), programming languages, machine learning and deep learning algorithms, designing parallel algorithms, networks and architectures of distributed systems, computer security, complex systems, bio-inspired metaheuristic optimization algorithms like swarm intelligence as genetic algorithms, artificial intelligence, generative models, robotics, and modern architectures of computer systems, building drones, 3D printing.

Through WALL-E, I tried to represent all my passions with an image

This blog is created to share with the world what I find stimulating and fun at the moment. It’s likely that the main articles will materialize while I’m on my way to work on the subway or in the small hours of the night when everyone else is asleep.

Luca Amore's old laboratory
my historic GNU/Linux and FreeBSD laboratory night of August 20, 2002

In my free time, when I’m not dealing with computers, I enjoy photography, traveling, reading, chess, nature, art, cooking, printing 3d, and spending time with my family. I also love running, swimming, and cycling.

Luca Amore child
my first computer was a Commodore 64



Luca Amore


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Bello rivederti di nuovo on line. Bello pure il tuo primo post che sembra quasi una tesina di intelligenza artificiale 😉 Aspettiamo quindi i tuoi prossimi pensieri sulla “verde” MM2 …. mi raccomando non sbagliare fermata… potresti finire ad Abbiategrasso senza che tu te ne accorga 😀

    Un abbraccio

  2. Ciao!! Fra le pagine di questo bellissimo blog ritrovo la tua anima sempre in movimento, nottambula ed instancabile… Continua a volare così! Baci, Mile

  3. Ciao Luca mi domandavo dove eri finito, sn al lavoro e faccio la NOTTE davanti ad un PC che mi guarda e mi disturba con i suoi allarmi che non posso fare a meno di leggere ed interpretare, ogni tanto nella mia mente risale il ricordo di una festa fatta con tutta la classe nella mia villa e la famosa frase: “Questo è il mio oro!” 🙂 sn scaglie di un passato che ti fanno sorridere e ti fanno sentire grande.
    Auguri noto che anke tu sei diventato padre di una figlia come me… a presto il tuo compagno di Banco, Luca

  4. Ahhh Luca …. ma torna a gioca a calcetto al campo de pattinaggio della stella azzurra che ti divertivi di piú !!!!

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